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Let your Faith be bigger then your Fears.

Celebrating 17 Years on Michigan Ave

All Glory goes to God

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What Is My Chakra?

My Chakra Is The ONLY healing boutique located on North Michigan Ave in the heart of Downtown Chicago IL just steps away from Millennium Park, Chicago Theater, Boutique Shopping and Zagats Top choice restaurants. If you are looking for some true intuitive guidance on a deep matter of life or just looking for a great plus to your girls/guys night out you have found the perfect place.


My Chakra prides it self by offering true & honest readings & healings that are guaranteed to leave you feeling peace and clarity. My Chakra believes in using an advanced approach to wellness allowing you to achieve a whole new level of Chakra Balancing! During a biomat meditation or chakra balance you will unlock your chakras and see the real benefits of spiritual healing and meditation.

My Chakra takes all of the vagueness and intimidation out of the healing experience allowing you to grow in your own time.

Let's create a clear path towards your goals & ensure that you reach them in your Mind, Body & CHAKRA.


Healing Stones

"Unless you change your way of thinking,

you will always recycle your experiences."

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