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Psychic Readings Glencoe




What Is a Spiritual Spa?

Just as you go to a spa for your body to relax and relieve tension your spirit also needs the same attention. So I created a safe place where people can come and release from negative thoughts, feelings and emotions. The services i provide help each client to understand their own needs mentally, physically, and spiritually to achieve balance and peace in life!

Why do I need to Balance my energy?

Just as in most things in life, too much or

too little of something leaves us wanting more or feeling overwhelmed. We need our energy to be balanced to have inner peace in our life. Only then can we manifest our dreams and desires with success and happiness.


Well I go to church/practice spirituality isn't that enough?

Your spiritual practices are an important part of feeding your spiritual energy, but it's not just about doing the practice or hearing the word, it is also about your personal relationship with God/the universe that allows you to open up and receive your blessings even more then you can ever imagine!

Whether you follow a religion or are dedicated to the energy of the universe you must be open and able to receive your messages and to do so you must be able to connect on a higher level.


I have done lots of spiritual healing in the past why am I back here?

Even though you may have been balanced before if you did not learn what got you there or what needed to be changed for the future you only completed half of the healing. That's why I take my time with each client to help them understand their issues in life situations so they can move on once and for all with a bright cheerful spirit leading them to success! 

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