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Here at My Chakra ~ Glencoe, I want to offer you an

Psychic Reading experience like neve'r before. 

Shortly after I opened the Michigan ave location in 2008 it became apparent,

how important it is to have a safe space for

disconnecting from the daily grind.

A My Chakra Healing Co. provides you with opportunities to recharge your mind, Body & CHAKRA.

Remember you are a real person with real feelings & emotions.


Without a solid spiritual foundation it can seem as if

the world is against you.

Fight back with an improved spiritual understanding of yourself,

you naturally become one with the universe.


I am confident that my healing will inspire a life-changing experience.


As a spiritual goods store I offer a wide range

of crystals, incense, and essential oils.

Needing a manifestation candle?

You can have it bespoke for your exact intention.

Looking for some answers or guidance?

An Intuitive Session can give you the insight you need for a clear path. 

I am an intuitive counselor that has provided healing to

people in the greater Chicagoland area for over 15 years. 

I am able to see, feel, and hear what

many other people disregard.

 You can count on me to always provide you with accurate and useful information you can trust.


Unless we change the way we think,

we will always recycle our experiences.

Psychic readings In Glencoe

Nourish Your Soul with Crystal Healing Services

We live our best life when our mind, body and spirit are balanced and healthy. Sound healing is cleansing and rejuvenating on the deepest cellular levels; connecting mind, body and spirit. My practice uses frosted crystal quartz singing bowls. Quartz is often described as the ‘master healer’ of crystals. Crystal quartz singing bowls take your intention and infuse it with the high vibrations emanating from the crystal, sending it directly where it’s meant to go to complete the desired function. The high vibrations of the crystal quartz penetrate and do work on specific parts of your being (physical and astral) where most needed. Some of the benefits include:

• Relief of stress, worry, anxiety and depression

• Release of old unhealthy patterns and toxins

• Clear blockages and stuck energy

• Increase speed of recovery from surgery and injury

• Reduce and alleviate pain

• Increase energy, vitality and creativity

• Reform new healthy patterns of harmony, balance and well-being

One -on- One

Energy Healing


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