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Here at My Chakra Glencoe we want to offer you an

experience like never before. 

We opened our first location in 2008 after realizing how important it is to have a safe space and dedicated time for disconnecting from the daily grind. My Chakra provides our participants with opportunities to recharge their mind, Body & chakra with positive energy and reconnect with themselves.We started with a solid foundation, and have only improved our offerings. We are confident that our locations, first-class healer, and our commitment to the community will inspire a life-changing experience.


As a spiritual goods store we offer a wide range of crystals, incense, and

essential oils. Needing a manifestation candle? You can have it bespoke for your exact intention.

Looking for some answers or guidance?

An Intuitive Session can give you the insight you need for a clear path. 

Vanessa a intuitive counselor has provided people in the greater Chicago area a wide range of services that are catered to suit their needs. Vanessa able to see, feel, and hear what many other people disregard, and her gifts enable her to help others. You can count on her to always receive accurate and useful information you can trust. Contact My Chakra today to learn more about Vanessa's  services.

Happy Baby

Mommy/Daddy & Me

Meditation sessions for the whole family.

This  group experience can be

booked for 2-6  participants.

In this session you will learn skills to help your little one keep balance.


We want our patients to take control of their own healing. We want them to understand how powerful their minds and bodies really are, and how each energy and symptom is part of a larger system. Healing chronic and intractable ailments takes a certain level of sensitivity, which I’ve honed in order to treat stubborn conditions with gentle methods. Get in touch to find out more.

Luxury House

Bless This House

House blessing kits available 

  • Blessing Spray

  • Candle

  • House wash

  • Incense/Sumge



342 Tudor Ct

Glencoe, IL 60022



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